Grooming Services

Less than 50 lbs             $50.00
50-99 lbs                        $60.00

100 lbs and over             $75.00


Baths, any size                $18.00

Grooming Includes: Bath-two shampoos in warm water with massage and hydro surge rinse, blow dry, brush out, hair cut, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, breath freshened, cologne spray, bandana or bow.


Anal Glads Expressed: $10.00

Nail Trimming: $10.00

Nail Painting: The perfect way to complete your best friend's paw-dicure               $5.00

Teeth Brushing: To promote dental and gum health                                             $5.00

Flea Shampoo/Dip: $5.00 extra

1 Dose Advantix: Topical treatment for dogs to kill ticks, fleas, larvae, and eggs for one month                $18.00

1 Dose Advantadge: Topical treatment for dogs or cats to kill fleas, larvae, and eggs for one month       $15.00

1 Dose Capstar: Pill to kill all fleas in a 24 hour period $8.00 for dogs, $7.00 for cats


Beat Spring Shedding: Grooming is not just for long haired dogs & cats--dogs such as labs that have thick undercoats can greatly benifit from a Furminator treatment.  We brush your pet thoroughly before their bath, use Furminator's de-shed moisturizing shampoo, condition, and finish with the patented Furminator brush.  The brush painlessly removes your pet's shedding undercoat to unveil a healthier appearing top coat.





The image to the left shows how much hair we brushed out of a large dog in one sitting.  Immagine what we can save from being shed in your house!

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